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The Wooldale Co-operative Society is proud to provide a wide range of different products. In addition to our excellent range of local produce (highlighted in the 'Local Suppliers' section of the website) we also provide many other specialist, ethical and delicious lines.


We are very proud of our Fairtrade lines, including coffee, chocolate, fruit and cotton products. Fairtrade means that farmers and workers who produce the fairtrade items get a fair price for their goods, education for their children and decent conditions to work in.

Truly Irresistible

The Truly Irresistible premium range offers delicious products and ingredients for any occasion. From award-winning chocolate, sandwiches, wines to fantastic best in class pizzas, Wooldale Co-operative Society stocks several lines designed to make your mouth water.

Loved By Us

The Loved By Us range is taste tested before it is launched so you can be assured it is going to taste delicious. Many items in the range have won a variety of awards

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15th June 2015

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